Rokan Company – General Information & Background

Rokan company Ltd. was founded in 22 May, 2006
Country of registration: Central Iraq & Kurdistan Region

Since its founding Rokan Company has exclusively employed highly-qualified staff from all fields of engineering including architectural, civil, mechanical, electrical, sanitation, chemical and communication engineering
Rokan is respected by its partners and clients in both the private and public sectors for its reputation of ensuring quick, quality services while upholding the highest standards of performance.

Our team of top engineers offers clients high-grade local and international technical experience. We will cater to your every need across multiple fields of engineering, supply and construction. It is our great pleasure to offer you the services of our highly skilled staff of engineers and supervisors to assist you in all of your construction needs.

Certificates & LOA

It's our great pleasure to present the offer of putting our experience in field of implement constructional contracts, architectural design service and construction supervision in your hand. Below you can find references of companies that have offered letters of appreciation and certification to Rokan Company.