Company Structure & Staff


Rokan staff is divided into different departments / teams that play a unique role in every job, but work seamlessly with one another for efficiency and speed. Our company structure can be described as follows:

  • Project management
  • Procurement and Purchasing
  • Bids and Proposals
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Maintenance


Each of these departments has an integrated monitoring system to maintain integrated scheduling throughout the company




Project Management:

The Project Management department acts as overseer of the other departments during a project. They take care of implementation of the contract, financial policy decisions, quality assurance, site safety requirements, and human resources. Project managers as well as assistants and quality surveyors are employed to ensure that everything on site runs smoothly and project.

Procurement and Purchasing:

The Procurement and Purchasing department specializes in procuring materials from both local and international suppliers. Since Rokan‘s inception, this section has established a vast supply network throughout the world by frequent visits to international markets as well as local ones and working to build relationships with these supply avenues. This section performs constant quality control to ensure that complete satisfaction is achieved for all materials used. Twice a month, the Procurement and Purchasing section partners with the Contract and Bidding section to review estimates and provide updated pricing for materials.

Bids and Proposals:

The Bids and Proposals Department specializes in estimation of materials and labor. The department provides estimations, tendering, pricing, document preparation, and financial information, while also developing business relationships. Their main concern is optimum estimations through pricing analysis and breakdowns.


The Design department specializes in everything from project conception to construction. This includes architectural design, site evaluation, error checking, recommendations in the event of design conflicts, shop drawings during construction, interior design, architectural standards and specifications, and alternative materials and methods based on available markets, materials, and skill sets. We also oversee mechanical and electrical designs.


Our Construction team has all types of professional trades and labors that have worked with Rokancompany for many years. This team has highly qualified personnel which have worked on all types of Horizontal and vertical construction projects.


The Maintenance team is in charge of maintaining all construction projects completed for periods between one to three years. This team also take on special renovation projects and provide support to the construction team on an as needed basis. Safety Assurance Requirements Rokan is committed to following all safety regulations to ensure the highest standards of safety for anyone working in any job that we assist with. Our firm strictly implements and enforces the highest standards of health, safety, security and construction codes in all of our jobs by enforcing the following:

  1. All personnel must wear suitable safety uniforms, gloves, rubber insulated shoes, and helmets.
  2. A safety belt must be work when working off the ground.
  3. All sites must have a readily available first aid station.
  4. Modern transportation is used in any instance that personnel need to be transported.
  5. All sites must have fire extinguishing systems in easy access.
  6. Modern communication systems are always on site to ensure quick and correct communication in the event of accidents.
  7. Temporary safety barricades are erected to ensure pedestrian and civilian safety both day and night.
  8. Emergency lighting is provided in all areas of the site in accordance with required light density safety codes.
  9. All personnel are highly trained in all safety and security procedures required for any job.